Murder in Green Valley

I am a fairly tolerant lady. Not a lot rattles me (generally speaking!).

I let the chooks come into the house, spiders co-habitate with us on our ceilings and geckos are practically our pets.

However, we recently had an influx of field mice.

At first they didn’t bother me…they even got pretty friendly and would casually come out to see what we were watching on telly at night when the boys were tucked up and quiet. We tried to be considered about how to keep them out. To start with Michael went a bit cray cray with a few tubes of expanding foam filling EVERY nook and cranny he could find.

It was all going well until one of them had the audacity to climb onto my bedside table amongst my jewellery and perfumes when I was dozing off one night. That was not cool man. Then we found their point of entry that they had made themselves-fancied themselves as renovators I guess…IMG_0912

This was behind the tools we had stacked in the corner while working on the kitchen.

They were too big for mouse traps and too small for rat traps so I got serious and put out some bait.

Well, the joke was on me because 2 of them died in my wardrobe and stunk the place out! One in my toiletries back snuggled into my lovely shower cap and the other in my Lady Chatterley’s Affair basket…


When I came across this one I squealed like a toddler. The toiletries bag and shower cap got turfed along with the body but the basket got a good wash and air and is back in rotation as a morning tea and drink bottle carrier for soccer on Saturdays.

Obviously rodents aren’t my bag baby 😉


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