Tooth & Bishop anyone?

As I continue to um & ah over opening a brick and mortar store I keep researching EVERYTHING.

I came across this today and thought it quite hilarious.

Hipster business names

Because, you know, it’s all about the hipster these days (I do believe Michael and I were called that very name when our Wedding photo was in the Sunday style mag-achieviement or no?).


What kind of shop do you think I should open…?


That, Sir, is NOT Pimms!

Michael is away.

The housework is done (for now at least)

I am ready to watch a show I have been looking forward to.

I reach into the back of the booze cupboard to pull out the pimms and this is what I find…

IMG_8175Yeah, NOT Pimms.

I had cut up the orange & cucumber.

I hadpicked mint out of the garden.

I had the ice cubes at the ready.

What a let down…ice tea it is then…cheers!

(I should probably get out the gumption as well and give that spot on the bench a right seeing too!)

Carl, Beet & their 7 boys…

A friend of mine told me recently to ‘get out of the house’ daily. Even if it is just a walk or up the road for a coffee. I have taken her advice and it seems to be making the weekdays a bit nicer. This morning after helping at school with reading, Fox and I headed to our nearest coffee shop to hang out for a while then we went for a drive around the surrounding town. Fox had been up since 5.30 so was super cranky and I knew he would fall asleep so I would be able to take pictures of nice houses (and fences) and he would be able to recharge.

We weaved around some pretty roads and ended up on dirt tracks that gave beautiful views of the valley. Then we found this…


At the top of a steep dirt and gravel road sits this amazing hand made rock wall. There is a lovely view, the breeze is gentle and it is quiet. I (of course) chatted with a gentleman who was checking on his paddock. He told me that the street is named after his Great Aunt who lived on this very hill her entire life. You can still see the chimney stack-unfortunately the house burnt down many years ago.

He said that he and his wife used to own a few other properties but have let them go over the years as none of their 7 sons wanted to take them on. They had 7 sons! They also had a daughter but devastatingly she passed away on her 4th birthday due to a brain tumor. He told me it took him a good many years to even talk about her passing. His eyes got a bit wet as he told me he has also lost his beautiful wife whom he misses ‘every single god given day’. Her name was Beatrice ‘Beet’ for short and his name is Carl.

Carl said he and Beet loved babies (and would have happily had more!). I could have sat and chatted with him all day-people are fascinating. As it turns out, one of his Daughter in laws teaches our twins on Thursdays and Fridays! How funny.

I also chatted to Carl about a house for sale ‘by owner’ down the road. He told me that old Jack owned it and still lived in it. They used to be neighbours and all of their boys played with Jacks boys as well as 4 more from another family down the road-sounds like the perfect boys upbringing if you ask me!



This little lady is on 2.5 acres and has all its original windows. I do love our little abode but this one has tugged at my heart strings as well! It reminds me of my Grandmothers stuco house in Ipswich-gorgeous. I would love to get inside. Maybe I could ask Carl to introduce me to Jack…

We finished our little jaunt with a stop at my favourite antique shop. I picked up a mirror for the bathroom and a Christmas present for Mum & Dad. I also spied this…

IMG_8738It didn’t have a price and I didn’t ask-pretty sure I didn’t want to know 😉

Au revoir tuckshop!

Well…I have thrown in the apron and conceded defeat as the convenor of the boys school tuckshop.

I have had 1 person rostered on turn up when they were supposed to. Every other lady that put their name down has texted at around 4.30pm the night before to say they wouldn’t be in…hard to not think it is personal but I think it is more of the general ‘slack arse-we should have the convenience without actually doing anything attitude’ around these parts. I emailed my resignation (effective Dec 12th 2014) in but am yet to tell the P&C-considering I am one of 4 that goes to the meeting it is unlikely that anyone will notice-until they can’t order reheated pizza and chocolate milk for their kid (and send in their order on a post it with not enough money).

Ironically, tomorrow is ‘Say thank you to tuckshop day’ and I won’t even be there. I will be fancy pantsing it at a Wedding and I couldn’t be happier to be heading there instead of reheating chicken nuggets.

Anyway, say g’day to your tuckshop volunteers this week and say thanks…they deserve it!


As a result I will be free on Fridays come December 12th, wanna hang out?

The kid up the street saw my boobs.

The horses have left our ‘paddock’. While they were pretty to look at we were happy to see the back of their owners to be honest. They would rock up on our property at any time of the day, never knock, traipse through our yard like it was their own, use our water without asking (!), pretty much ignore us and today they used our power. Now let’s be clear I actually don’t care that they used our power today as they were packing up the drinking tank for the horses and needed to use the pump. Fine. The thing that pissed me off is that fact that I had a load of washing on and they chose to unplug it even though there are 3 other power points EMPTY. So I went down to hang out the load of washing that should have finished but I found the plug only half in so the load was only half way through. TOTAL FIRST WORLD PROBLEM but bloody hell PLUG THE FRIGGIN THING IN PROPERLY or USE THE OTHER EMPTY POINTS! I do wonder if it was kind of on purpose as he was none too pleased that we no longer wanted THEIR HORSES on OUR PROPERTY free of charge. GAH! A couple of weeks ago I came home from a P&C meeting to see them using our water to fill their horse tank. We are ONLY on tank water-as are they and the had not asked if they could access OUR water. They just went into our laundry, turned off my washing machine and stole it. He reassured me they would replace the water from the town pump which I guess was ‘nice’ but then I was angry as we haven’t had to buy water and love our rainwater-If we can at all help it I don’t want stupid town water in the tanks (stubborn much!?). He did stick to his word and replace the water but he came in the night-again without calling or knocking on the door and was just banging about in the dark. Michael was away and I was already a little frazzled so this was the straw that broke me. It was resolved then that we would not be having the horses for much longer. When I came home the following week the fence was busted and the horses missing. I went straight to their house only to find out that he had taken them as he thought they were getting fat. Again, he HAS MY NUMBER so even a text to say ‘hey don’t stress I have my horses’ would have been at least cordial. The following day one of their kids turned up in our yard (presumably collecting a chain from the back paddock) at about 7am. I was doing my makeup in the bathroom with no top on and the windows wide open and only say him as he was strolling down the block towards the house. So, he got to see me topless-good story for him at school that day I guess…? The owner turned up at my back door today asking if he could move the horses to the other side of the driveway to which I replied ‘Oh…no…the grass over there is really lovely and we want it to stay that way. Also the side they were on is about to be filled with trees so we probably won’t be having them anymore’. He was less than impressed. Yeah, he was pissed that we have lovely grass and no pets and we won’t let his animals trash it. yey. And the piles of manure remain where they were made, I guess they won’t be removing them as they said they would. The moral of the story? Don’t assume people will treat you the way they would like to be treated also get a door and lock on the laundry so nobody can pinch our water! Glad they are not our nearest neighbours… Meanwhile I have been goggling the heck out of fences and gates-if only it were as easy (and cheap) as cut & paste! largesplitrailgate What do you think? Do you like your neighbours? I miss our old hood for the fab neighbours we were lucky enough to have…they wouldn’t steal our water 😉