It’s nearly my Birthday!

Next Monday, I will turn 33.

33 years young. Where do the years go, eh!?

In the spirit of consumerism I thought I would put together a list of things I would happily accept as gifts…

While the old hills hoist in our backyard is iconic and goes hand in hand with our style of house I am keen to replace it with one of these beauties in a different locale…


of course, you can never have too many teacups and why not have ones that make your tea into a heart!?


A Japanese maple to remind me of my trip many many years ago.

Japan in autumn (red maple tree in Nanzen ji temple ( Kyoto)

A grapevine and new fence to grow it on up near the shed.


This whole outfit because it is just lovely.


This would come in handy for the (rare) times I do get away without the kids-right now I mostly use coles bags (shame, Erin, shame!)

Bally leather overnight bag, $1310, from Hunt Leather.

And even though it won’t hit our shores until Jan 2017 a ticket to this would be fab!


Should you wish to forward any of these in honour of my date of birth please feel free to contact me and I shall provide you with a postal address 😉

What’s on your Birthday list!?


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