Unexpected inspiration

Last night I headed to nearby Toogoolawah to be in charge of the bar at a Wedding. It was to help a friend out who needed staff at the last minute and it was fun! I was expecting to be impressed with the Bride and all the prettiness, I didn’t expect however to get so much inspiration from the setting…STUNNING! The house is a weekender for the owner and she has absolutely hit it out of the park with the decorating, styling and execution.

The vege garden….ah, yes please!

The pavilion…

The pavilion kitchen…


The external bathroom!IMG_0803

This is the bar-that I was in charge of (seriously, fun!)


The reception had to be moved from the open grassed area to the marquee rather quickly as a massive storm rolled in. I was stranded in the bar while the rain came in sideways and the hail hammered down-I was glad I took a jumper!

I wish I had taken more pics of the actual house-it was pretty damn nice as well (I was busy learning how to pour champagne).

I guess you just never know when something might catch your eye and get you excited about your own space.

Now the hunt begins for some tank things to construct the vege garden around here-it’s been a long time coming and I daresay will be a little longer till completion…baby steps! Has anyone procured any of these tank/bed things??


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