Checking in….hanging on…

Just when you think you have it sorted-it changes. Seriously. You can be chugging along and then something smacks you right in the face and it smarts.

In the past few months, we have had ups and downs with school. illness, soccer and just life in general. No different to anyone else of course-life is messy! I have found myself seeking advice on ALL THE THINGS! I am finding I am learning and growing along with the boys. What I will put up with, what I won’t, where I still feel like a kid and where I am confident in asserting my age. By the last week of school I was wrung out, drained and downright defeated.

Holidays have brought a no plan plan. While are few days have some things locked in we have been enjoying slowing down with no alarms and some late nights (along with nuggets for dinner…). We headed into the city as a family hung out and also ate our body weights in sushi. Today saw a gallery visit, treasure hunt, good coffee, water park play and frozen cokes on the way home. Tennis tomorrow and an IKEA trip planned next week along with a night ‘off’ to attend a networking awesomeness event down the coast! I am even waitressing a Wedding on Sat night-looking forward to that one.

I am also on the hunt for great resources on raising boys. I have read the standards (over and over) and am now looking for more hands on advice. I am sick of the anecdotal diatribe. I truly need help helping these dudes navigate the big bad world…so, got any suggestions??? I would like to just hang out in here and hide away from it all-though they would probs see me though the glass door…..



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