Still washing up in the bath…

The kitchen continues…are you surprised!? Here’s what has happened so far

  • cupboards assembled
  • gas connected
  • hot and cold pipes relocated
  • waste pipe in place
  • tin removed from left side of nook
  • holed filed with expanding foam & silicone
  • GAPING hole that was the entry for mice, rats & possums fixed (by replacing an exterior board)
  • waterproof board cut to replaced vacant space under oven and cupboards
  • gap in floor siliconed
  • new noggins in nook for stability
  • paint scraped

I had no intention of painting the walls but watching the block and reading magazines convinced me to ‘consider the outcome and finish’ and Michael is away so I thought ‘hey, I can smash this out while he is away!’ My fingers are blistered but I got a heap done today. imageWhat is left

  • fill holes, sand walls, paint walls
  • wiring for new lights
  • power point wiring (dishwasher, toaster, kettle etc)
  • insulation in nook
  • VJ board in nook
  • paint VJ board
  • sconce lights, switches & pendants installed (excited about these!)
  • cupboards in
  • sink install
  • tap & sink connected
  • benchtop on
  • silicone around sink and benchtop
  • plinth install
  • spacers (if required)
  • put up shelves
  • marble tops on cupboards beside oven
  • mirrors behind cupboards beside oven (maybe)
  • remove all kitchen paraphernalia from dining room and back into kitchen!

I am also considering two mirrored splash backs either side of the oven. I think they would do their job in making the space feel bigger by reflecting it upon itself. I will have a look next time I am in Bunnings (or Masters, or Mitre 10, or Home hardware… 😉 Bloody hell, that list seems loooooong! Today it feels like it will never be over… Tomorrow I will fill the holes and get sanding (wearing gloves this time I think!) ready to paint on Thursday. I haven’t bothered with the ceiling as we don’t have a great ladder to get the job done without injuring myself! Still loving the paint scrapers I bought-if you can get the corner in it peels off like butter…it is addictive! All the chaos hasn’t stopped my baking. This morning before I trashed the space I made a fig & burnt butter tart in preparation for a lovely visitor this afternoon. It was delish! Actually having a visitor coming forced me to get out of my pjs (which I wore all day while paint stripping) and make a place we could sit and chat. It was rather windy so the front verandah got some attention. I think I will be having breakfast out here in the morning-it is lovely!imageI am now sitting on my arse unfortunately without a glass of wine. I don’t think I’ll be too long out of bed to be honest. Hopefully my wrists work tomorrow!


Making it your own*

I love the internet. This is not a new revelation, my love goes waaaaaay back. Back to the time you couldn’t be on the phone when someone was on the WWW and that distinctive noise let everybody know you were about to check your email.

I love that you can ask it questions you wouldn’t dare ask a real person. I love how you can live vicariously through travel blogs, get recipe ideas from cooking pages and keep up with your mates on good old facey. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Facebook as well-unashamedly. UNASHAMEDLY I TELLS YA!!!

Anyway, the reason for my declaration of love does have something to do with houses. It is continuing to encourage me to decorate our house the way we want. Not for re-sale, not to someone else’s taste. Just the way WE want it.

Working on the kitchen has made me see how limited options are for the masses. Of course if you have a bottomless pit of money you can have things made for you but for us on a budget getting creative is the only way to go if you want something other than greige. Australia seems to be fixated on resale. Why the hell do we try and make decisions based on the thoughts of someone we will likely never meet? I understand if you are renovating to sell this is the goal but if you are making a home why not have the wallpaper YOU want, or the kitchen YOU want to cook in. Choose your favourite colour to paint the outside and make the neighbours talk and for gods sake and enjoy the place you pay for and spend a shit load of time at/in/looking at.

America is all over it-of course. They make their homes their castles and don’t give a rats about whether that ‘one day buyer’ might not like their paint colour choice. So while I go through my stacks of pictures (both actual and on pinterest) I am encouraged to go with my gut and make the house one we love living in (it would have been hard to discourage me but I feel more confident seeing other people doing it-if that makes any sense!?).

Check these babies out if you fancy some pretty decorating…

Meanwhile the kitchen is progressing and we are going through paper plates at a rate of knots. I am off to IKEA this week to collect the cupboards I have settled on. Still on the hunt for some marble shelves…any tips??

*This is a sweeping generalisation about Australian vs. American design-SWEEPING GENERALISATION