In French…


Green Valley was set to get a new tenant. Come January we would have been well and truly outnumbered by children. Sadly on Saturday in a very white hospital room, we learnt it wasn’t to be.

What a strange feeling to go from having an exciting secret to not having anything exciting to tell. It also seems to be discussed in hushed tones and makes you wonder if you should say anything at all.

It is totally shit.



You cannot help but make plans as soon as you know you are to add a member of your family to the mix-then suddenly there is no need to put any of those plans into action.

People will say things happen for a reason and maybe they do but for the love of all things holy that comment does not help. At all.

So while I wait for my body to heal and we get our head around what isn’t to be I will be taking it easy, watching shitty tv and spending way way way too much time on the interwebs. We will get back on track, it will just take a little time.