cooling down…

Well the months have rolled on and the kitchen is 99% finished. I will do a detailed post when we get the kick boards, marble tops and tiling done. My bet would be that nothing is going to get finished until the boys go back to school. I ended up quite unwell towards the end so that slowed the process. Thankfully it seems it was a viral thing and has moved on. It wasn’t pleasant and I am glad to be on the mend albeit slowly. Pacing myself has become a priority-not something I am overly good at I must admit.

Holidays have seen slow days, lots of cooking, visitors, sewing and board games. Along with a LARGE dose of screen time which I am considering seriously monitoring upon the return of school…

I have been getting out into the garden which has been enjoyable. I am itching to get going on some more planting. So far I have added 3 magnolia little gems, an orange tree and sorted out the pots at the back door. I have a banksia, cats whiskers hedges and a native to go in once I work out where they will live! The decision has been made to put the vege garden at the front of the house. The stump of the pepper tree that we got rid of is of course in the road at the moment. Michael tells me that he is going to get rid of it but I don’t see that happening anytime soon so I will plant around it to get started.

I have been watching River Cottage Australia to get inspired. I am a big fan of the show-do you watch it? How pretty is this…


Perhaps we could have a dinner party next to the new beds-want to come?

I also still have guest accommodation on my mind. We love having visitors and it would be lovely if we had some space for them to sleep over. I can totally see something like this in Green Valley-minus the snowy mountains of course (although the way the temperature is going down a bit of snow wouldn’t surprise me 😉


I am enjoying the cooler change. I rather like getting round in jeans, wellies and a jumper. I do need to get the kitchen and bathroom windows finished and back on before it gets cold…not ideal to be without windows when the wind howls through! Any plans for autumn?

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