Cut & paste renovating…

Building in downstairs is always on my mind…

I have been pinning like a crazy lady-it’s addictive!

I do think the most effective use of space will be bunks: This pic is obviously girly but the concept is what it’s about!


I also think some sort of kitchen would be handy-minus the coffee machine and oven…think hotel kitchenette but more stylish…


And I have just always felt a pull towards some sort of glass wall somewhere…


I like the openness of this bathroom-there would need to be more storage tucked behind that door but apart from that this space is pretty awesome!


Storage is always an issue, this sort of thing could help to deal with stuff…


And just to make sure there is a girly element amongst ALL that testosterone I would put something like this at the back door…


Oh man, if only it was that quick, easy and affordable! You can see what else I am lusting after over at my pinterest account.

What are you pinning???


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