Well, the hub of our little house has scrubbed up alright. As usual, when you move, it takes a while to get used to the space, I feel like we have a bit of a rhythm happening now and it is nice. I am happy with it for now*-it will (god willing) eventually be replaced/updated. I have grand plans for a butlers pantry-that however is a bloody long way off! So here are some before and afters.













I spend a fairly large chunk of time standing at that bench (thanks IKEA). It is so nice to be able to see the back yard and horses in the paddock behind. The light is gorgeous in the morning and it is lovely making a cup of tea and taking a moment before the rest of the house wakes up. Do you like the wonky curtain (tension) rod and dirty plastic/ceiling? I try my best…


My butlers pantry fascination has only been spurred on by this amazing space over at Oh Happy Day. Dreamy, right!? For that to happen we would have to reclaim some of the current living room so, yeah, a while off…a girl can dream!


Something that will happen soon is the replacement of the back door. I have found a few options at a demo yard in town and we are heading in next week to check them out. Hoping for something like this so I can keep the Fox in and still get the view or be able to see through it when open (the current door closes of the oven which is a bit annoying).



So, the kitchen/dining room feels ‘finished’ for now. It is a cosy space to be in so that is something.

*We have been offered a sink/bench combo that would incorporate the dishwasher that we are going to take (if only to get the dishwasher out of the dining room!)



holey gutters batman!

We had a storm through a couple of days ago and I spent most of the time out in it looking at our drains/sieves. Seriously, how frustrating that the majority of water puddles around the perimeter of the house instead of heading to the tank! (We have had a few quotes on replacing the roof & gutters as well as restoring the roof and getting new gutters. The jury is out for now and in the meantime we will plug the holes).

I only had one empty bin getting around so I shoved it under the biggest hole (which is less than a metre from the downpipe directly into the tank!) and wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it once it was full, I just couldn’t bear to hear it splashing on the ground. Today I schlepped the water up the ladder (in a smaller container) into one of the tanks and cleaned out the screen thingy.


Foxy, of course was there to help and was bummed when I took the ladder down. He then turned his attention to the outlet for all our grey water. He loves sticking his teeny watering can under the pipes and watering the pot plants. All of the water from the washing machine, bath & shower, bathroom sink and kitchen sink comes out here then goes through a pipe to the trees out the front. As a result the Broad-leaved pepper tree (a class 3 pest plant) in the front yard is thriving! That baby is coming down before the winter is out. Michael wants to replace it with a Moreton bay fig…anyone got any tips on them? I read that they aggressively seek out water-could be an issue for the septic?


Speaking of the septic, I MUST call someone tomorrow to come and check ours out. Tis a little whiffy when the wind is blowing. Goodness knows the last time it was attended to!

Milk, get some.

I put 6 bottles of 3L milk in my trolley when I went to town today. Seeing as there are no corner stores around here I have to make sure we have plenty on hand (I also have long life as a back up in the pantry). This sign at a nearby antique store seems to be begging to hang in our kitchen.


Thought I might try my hand at making my own-watch this space!

Hens party!

The Ladies have arrived!

I had been thinking about getting chooks for quite a while and had my heart set on some Easter Eggers. I saw some on Catriona Rowntrees site YEARS ago and have they have been in the back of my mind ever since. They lay the prettiest eggs, see!


We inherited a dodgy little structure to the side of the house and I can’t quite work out if it started as a chook pen or a cubby! It is now the address for our newest residents. A friend of ours was looking to move them on (as they were getting a bit clucky in the mornings and they live in the city). We were happy to re-house them! I have swapped them for a couple of sewing lessons-love bartering!

Meet Pepper, Dora & Rosa. They came with the names and I think we shall keep them (they don’t seem to answer to any names at all 😉


I tidied up their house after the previous tenants obviously just walked out, so it went from this…


to this…


Obviously these pictures are from different sides. I had to redo the back wall and put in some nesting boxes. The cupboard, draws, ladder and fibre were left in the shed so it has cost us nothing-win! The chandeliers are from the first Wedding I styled.

So far we have had 4 eggs laid right here in Green Valley. So exciting! I also loved keeping all the kitchen scraps over the last few days instead of putting them in the bin. So much better! I sent the pictures to a dear friend of mine and she said it looks more like a Hens party than a chook shed-a compliment I am happy to take!

It takes a village…

Tomorrow marks the start of the boys second week of their new school. The first week went mostly smoothly with only a couple of hiccups. The first was that I went along to kit them out on the first day fully expecting to be able to pay with credit card. This assumption was wrong. The teeny uniform shop only take cash (a fact that would have been handy to know when I had made the appointment). There aren’t any ATMs close by and I had no plans on going to town for the week. So, I became the parent that owes the school-already. Yey.

The second was one of the boys got in trouble for biffing another kid. One of their new classmates took his hat and called him a dork. That kid got hit by mine. So, second day of school and one of them already had detention. Great!

There were, of course, tears. We discussed the fact that while being called a dork was indeed not very nice, perhaps a better response would be to walk away and tell the teacher. Now, really at 7 walking away is not going to come easy (mate, I am not sure that I could do it successfully)! I knew who to call to discuss such issues. My Brother. I vividly remember him getting into trouble for similar things when we were little. Sorry dude, it’s true.

While my Brother and my Son chatted about various stategies for dealing with being called a dork, I thought about the fact that it does take a village.

I cannot possibly have the answer to everything. If I want advice on my car, I talk to a mechanic. If I need help with gardening, I seek assistance from those in the know. Why do we take it all on ourselves to be the knower of all? It is tiring (and google can only help for so long 😉

Also, having a brains trust is nicer than going it alone. Discussing ideas with other people is enjoyable ( and good for the soul I think).

So, with that in mind this week I am off to a CWA luncheon. I am really looking forward to it, and I need some advice on pruning my roses so I’ll be sure to ask around 😉