A spot of holiday sewing

Holidays are in full swing here in Green valley. We have peppered the weeks with some outings but have no serious plans-other than sleeping in, staying in pyjamas and overdosing on TV. We had some lovely visitors on Monday then yesterday we stayed home and I got stuck into some sewing. I had asked for opinions on the good old ‘book of face’ whether to use spots or stripes as a contrast and stripes won hands down-a bit more ‘manly’ I think!


I had made up a muslin for the playsuit version aaaaages ago and it was super easy so the real thing took no time. I ‘shopped my stash’ for the fabric so I didn’t have to venture into town. Oliver & S patterns are rather lovely-it takes contestant restraint not to keep purchasing more!

It took me the day to finish it (in between making lunches, playing tennis, refereeing fights, hanging washing, preparing dinner, reading to the boys and cleaning the kitchen…). I sewed the buttons on while enjoying some peace after bedtime and catching up on Bletchley circle.

Fox wore it to the movies this morning and (in my opinion) looked super cute.

IMG_8232(I could totally be a fashion photographer with this snap…HA)


This is the first time I have used bias as a feature and the first time I did my own buttonholes. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, I would make it again. I have the sailboat pants pattern also so I may try my hand at that next, check this version out…been making anything lately?


From where I would rather be…

This week has me feeling wrung out.

It hasn’t been busy, rushed or harried it just feels like ground hog day. I am feeling the grind.

Thanks to my friend Mel for sending this pic to me via Pinterest, I would much rather be here* with people I love than participating in real life…


*although I cannot surf (tried it once-FAIL) and I would have bruises from the boys thumping me and screaming PUNCH BUGGY! Maybe it wouldn’t be as relaxing as I think!

Every time I saw him, he told me he loved me.

EMW_0392The man that married* us, the man I have known my entire life and the man that I called Uncle passed away yesterday.

It was swift, unexpected and heart wrenchingly sad.

I was never in any doubt as to how he felt about me, my family and the little family I have created. He ALWAYS told me he loved me and that he was proud of me.

He was not my Uncle by blood but by choice, which takes something pretty special in my opinion.

Uncle Robin. You are already missed xo

*when we asked him to marry us, he got teary and said he would be honoured. Which in turn of course made me teary. He was the BEST choice to unite us in Marriage and we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

This lovely picture was taken by the equally lovely Nat McComas

Maison de poulets!

The chook shed has been (somewhat) overhauled!

IMG_7982The hardware had a tin of mistint paint for $15 and I grabbed a cheap and nasty roller for $5. The tyres that were here when we moved in got a quick spray paint with some left over tins that have been rolling around for a while. The lavender was purchased in Roma at my friends nursery-fingers crossed I don’t kill it!

The bunting was used at our last house on the verandah (and is a bit worse for wear close up). It took us 2 after school sessions to paint it and I am rather chuffed with the result.

It will do until we knock it down and rehouse them on the other side of the yard and it didn’t cost a mint. Win!


Birthday party invite etiquette?

The date has been set, theme decided upon, invites being designed.

My middle two turn 8 over the holidays and the party planning is in full swing. They have decided on a backyard movie night with hotdogs, popcorn and a doughnut birthday cake. I am sure they haven’t given one teeny tiny thought about how it will look but of course I have…


The popcorn be served from something like this that my Brother happens to own (thanks Brother!)


We will have a tub of drink and nibbles under the trees for the parents that choose to stay and family.

Now, who to invite! The boys are at a small school so there is only one class for their grade. Do we invite the whole class or just a selected few….help me out, what would you do!?


Speaking of fences

I have said it a few times, ‘There is a lot of work to do around here before we can start any work‘. It is so true. More to the point there is a lot of tidying up to do before we are going to bother with the major work. 

This picture was taken the first day I came out to wait for the electricity to be connected (that is another story altogether!).

The fences had clearly seen better days so it was decided they had to go. The one towards the back of the house I pushed over. If a storm had blown through it would have been knocked over. I even pulled the posts out of the ground without much trouble. 


I have found an assortment of crap all around and underneath the house. Some of it has been kept for later use but most of it has been sent to the tip. If beer tops were fertiliser we would have no trouble growing anything!


The fence at the front of the house took a little more work to get rid of. My brother rather enjoyed using a sledgehammer to rid us of it. Note the helmets on the boys…it was just easier that way.





Today I finally got rid of the last of the green waste piles at the back and the space is looking much more well kept. 




Next job before my floral workshop is to give the chook shed a lick of paint and maybe even a window box with some petunias.

You know, something like this….ha ha ha



I am sure Michael will be thrilled at the suggestion 😉

Tuckshop debrief!

Well I survived my first day as Tuckshop convenor! The staff coffee and cake went over ok with 8 sold. There are only 15 staff on a Friday so I think that was a success…let’s hope they are return customers! Sticky date cupcakes were the first sweet treat offered and they were delicious (if I do say so myself!). Not sure what to cook next week…I shall consult my numerous cookbooks for some inspiration. 

I am keen to introduce a few mod cons such as emailing volunteers, new tea towels and a more efficient bag packing system 😉

The suggestion of emailing was met with gasps of ‘Oh don’t bother, I never check my email’. Brilliant. I also casually mentioned that I would be phasing out the ‘class coles cold bag’ thing they have going on-that was not received well either. I do find it odd when people assume you have no freakin clue what you are doing and speak to you accordingly. When I said ‘oh yes I have been to P&C and run the ideas by them-and had approval’ there was an interested look…they didn’t realise I had even been to P&C, wouldn’t it be assumed that of course I had as I had the job (and a key!) Weird. 

Having said that, the job got done today with only a few hiccups and I was out of there by 12.30. Ordering has been done and a shopping list written for next weeks items so I will just concentrate on sewing, label making and cupboard clearing in the coming days.  Fox was a star hanging out with me today, thank you iPad for your help with keeping him happy!

I have also organised a ‘Meet the new convenor’ morning tea for the last week of school (how the heck did it get to the end of term already!?) and the Principal will introducing me so that will be a good ice-breaker I hope. I will also be speaking at the Prep orientation day to try and drum up more volunteers to add to the roster. Rostering is a whole other issue with certain people not wanting to work with certain other people. oy vey!



I have taken on the ‘job’ until the end of the year so we will see how it goes. I may be charged to keep going or happy to hand over the apron! That reminds me, I need to get some aprons as well!

Tell me, are you/were you a tuckshop volunteer?


Please, fence me in!

On Monday I met another person that lives on our street.

She brought Fox in from the road where he was throwing rocks. Great.

I was in my dressing gown hair every which way and half asleep. The older boys were heading off to school and I looked like I don’t own clothes (or a hairbrush). Thankfully she was lovely and didn’t lecture me on child safety.

I had seen him go down the stairs not 3 minutes before while I was making school lunches. Obviously he is used to the block now and getting a little brave about where will roam. Awesome.

A house fence has been bumped up the ‘to do list’ and while throwing the weekends papers on the fire and flipping through the real estate booklet I found this beauty.



That is exactly what I want! While I don’t hate the hedge it isn’t an addition I would probably make. Just the fence.

Hopefully the next time I meet another Green Valley resident my kid is not on the road and I have underwear on.

Seriously, universe, cut me a break, eh!?

Putting down roots…

Well I finally dug a hole and whacked a plant in it. A lemon tree to be more precise.





We were gifted this lovely living thing and I thought it best to not let it die in the pot! I have popped it in near our mulberry tree (which is starting to shoot new leaves!). The plan is to make a bit of an ‘orchard’ up in the corner so we shall see what else presents itself as a good idea to grow-orange tree next perhaps?

I visited a lovely nursery just outside Roma over the weekend owned by a couple of friends and bought some gums, 4 pots of lavender and a curry plant. The lavender is destined for the fence line between the house and the shed-I do need to work out what kind of soil we have before I put them in though. I have no idea what to do with the curry plant but the gums, I think will go either side of the top of the driveway (hoping for a bit of dramatic entryway…)

Michael and I spent a bit of time this afternoon chatting about the grand plan (while drinking coffee and watching Fox run around naked). So far it has been decided that once the peppercorn tree is removed the vege garden will replace it. My inspiration for said garden is currently from Country style magazine



Now, who wants to come out and help chop down that massive monstrosity-I can promise beer and steak afterwards….you in?