Carl, Beet & their 7 boys…

A friend of mine told me recently to ‘get out of the house’ daily. Even if it is just a walk or up the road for a coffee. I have taken her advice and it seems to be making the weekdays a bit nicer. This morning after helping at school with reading, Fox and I headed to our nearest coffee shop to hang out for a while then we went for a drive around the surrounding town. Fox had been up since 5.30 so was super cranky and I knew he would fall asleep so I would be able to take pictures of nice houses (and fences) and he would be able to recharge.

We weaved around some pretty roads and ended up on dirt tracks that gave beautiful views of the valley. Then we found this…


At the top of a steep dirt and gravel road sits this amazing hand made rock wall. There is a lovely view, the breeze is gentle and it is quiet. I (of course) chatted with a gentleman who was checking on his paddock. He told me that the street is named after his Great Aunt who lived on this very hill her entire life. You can still see the chimney stack-unfortunately the house burnt down many years ago.

He said that he and his wife used to own a few other properties but have let them go over the years as none of their 7 sons wanted to take them on. They had 7 sons! They also had a daughter but devastatingly she passed away on her 4th birthday due to a brain tumor. He told me it took him a good many years to even talk about her passing. His eyes got a bit wet as he told me he has also lost his beautiful wife whom he misses ‘every single god given day’. Her name was Beatrice ‘Beet’ for short and his name is Carl.

Carl said he and Beet loved babies (and would have happily had more!). I could have sat and chatted with him all day-people are fascinating. As it turns out, one of his Daughter in laws teaches our twins on Thursdays and Fridays! How funny.

I also chatted to Carl about a house for sale ‘by owner’ down the road. He told me that old Jack owned it and still lived in it. They used to be neighbours and all of their boys played with Jacks boys as well as 4 more from another family down the road-sounds like the perfect boys upbringing if you ask me!



This little lady is on 2.5 acres and has all its original windows. I do love our little abode but this one has tugged at my heart strings as well! It reminds me of my Grandmothers stuco house in Ipswich-gorgeous. I would love to get inside. Maybe I could ask Carl to introduce me to Jack…

We finished our little jaunt with a stop at my favourite antique shop. I picked up a mirror for the bathroom and a Christmas present for Mum & Dad. I also spied this…

IMG_8738It didn’t have a price and I didn’t ask-pretty sure I didn’t want to know 😉

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