Au revoir tuckshop!

Well…I have thrown in the apron and conceded defeat as the convenor of the boys school tuckshop.

I have had 1 person rostered on turn up when they were supposed to. Every other lady that put their name down has texted at around 4.30pm the night before to say they wouldn’t be in…hard to not think it is personal but I think it is more of the general ‘slack arse-we should have the convenience without actually doing anything attitude’ around these parts. I emailed my resignation (effective Dec 12th 2014) in but am yet to tell the P&C-considering I am one of 4 that goes to the meeting it is unlikely that anyone will notice-until they can’t order reheated pizza and chocolate milk for their kid (and send in their order on a post it with not enough money).

Ironically, tomorrow is ‘Say thank you to tuckshop day’ and I won’t even be there. I will be fancy pantsing it at a Wedding and I couldn’t be happier to be heading there instead of reheating chicken nuggets.

Anyway, say g’day to your tuckshop volunteers this week and say thanks…they deserve it!


As a result I will be free on Fridays come December 12th, wanna hang out?

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