Leaning in…

This stay at home mother caper can be tedious, downright boring and a little soul destroying. It can also be super awesome. I feel like I have been leaning in to the role recently even though I have been doing it for over 10 years now! I hate it when upon finding out that you ‘stay at home’ some people don’t ask anymore questions. It can be hard not having an identity past laundry, lunch and dinner lady*.

I have often discussed the idea of having a ‘fake job’ with a friend. We decided it would be good if we had some sort of ‘business’ to chat about while not having to actually go to an office (or do any paperwork)…am I making sense or rambling?

Basically, lately I have been making a concerted effort to delight in being at home. Michael works so we can pay the bills (I am fully aware that he would like to not have that responsibility-more discussion on that later perhaps!) and I am grateful to him for providing for us. There is (of course) a shed load that needs doing around here so I am kept busy but why not be happy doing it. Now, let’s not get all Pollyanna about this declaration-I have melt downs to rival the best, the house is not spotless, I get tired and grumpy and I sometimes daydream far too long about jumping on a plane to find some handsome silver fox in France to shack up with. Seriously.

In the vein of enjoying it I have been finding different ways to drive to town just to look at the scenery. I have been baking-more than usual and as I told you before I have gotten stuck in to P&C. I know that this time will perhaps come to an end when all my brood are off doing their own thing and I am pretty sure empty nest syndrome will bite big time.

In the spirit of being cheery I found a beautiful spot on the drive back from the shops yesterday…


And today I got teary at a stack of crockery…


Something about the memories that these cups, saucers and plates have been part of. The church where these reside has been here since 1879 (the crockery slightly less than that I presume!). They remind me of my Grandma and just made me feel lovely-yes I realise that is odd but whatevs, they are super pretty! Now after making a stack of ANZAC biscuits to sell at school, wreaths to lay and getting one of the boys ready for cross country after making dinner, cleaning up and doing the folding I am knackered….do it all again tomorrow, eh!?

*It can also suck when people think you have it easy by not working outside of the house and are more than happy to share their feelings with you…idiots.

**I do ‘work’ occasionally but the chasing of the work is exhausting and it always seems to get taken over by something going on here. When I do do flowers I LOVE it-LOVE. I just hate the business side of things and actively avoid it…


One thought on “Leaning in…

  1. So true Erin. I’m currently learning to embrace the ‘stay at home mum’ tag and I’m only a week into having decided! I think people will have a different reaction if we embrace it and say it with pride. Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re great at it!

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