El Presidente!

When the school P&C AGM rolled around I kind of knew I would accept the nomination of president. I am always keen to be involved in the boys school so why not get really stuck in!? The P&C consists of some lovely parents all eager to help where they can. As with EVERY other school there is always room for more people to attend meetings. We’ll see if we can get a ‘recruitment drive’ going and encourage others to get involved…wish us luck!

So far the year is off to a cracking start with our recent grant proposal (written by our treasurer and an awesome parent) accepted so we can replace all of the schools readers. I got to hang onto a giant cheque and have my pic taken which was pretty cool and have a quick chat about the bank possibly sponsoring part (or all!) of a fete we are considering holding (much) later in the year*.

We also utilise a council carpark for the school so the maintenance falls on them. As it is a good size and just off the highway, it is used by travellers throughout holidays and weekends (occasionally people even exercise their horses on our oval-not cool people, not cool!).  Currently there is no bin so we get to see such delightful things as disposable nappies, beer cans and general waste right outside the school gate. We also need the pedestrian crossing re-sprayed, the bus stop moved and a couple of dead trees felled.

After doing the ring around at council I was asked to put it all in writing (which of course I knew) and send it through. I am a little sceptical that it will be attended to swiftly…then I remembered that I have met our deputy Mayor!

At a CWA luncheon last year Mum, Fox & I sat with him. He was delightful and I asked all manor of questions regarding septic systems and living on a little bit of land as we had only just moved in a month earlier. I think I may give him a call and ask for some guidance in regards to getting things done as I am new to both the President role and dealing with councils in regards to getting things done. Can’t hurt, right?

We are right on the border of our local council so it does seem that we get a little forgotten. There are no councillors our way…something to consider in the future perhaps?

Have you had to deal with council in order to get something achieved-where should I be placing my expectations? High, low or middle of the road?


*A Christmas market is on the cards….mucho organisation required to get a proposal together before our next meeting…any words of wisdom (other than DON’T DO IT YOU CRAZY FOOL!).


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