Still washing up in the bath…

The kitchen continues…are you surprised!? Here’s what has happened so far

  • cupboards assembled
  • gas connected
  • hot and cold pipes relocated
  • waste pipe in place
  • tin removed from left side of nook
  • holed filed with expanding foam & silicone
  • GAPING hole that was the entry for mice, rats & possums fixed (by replacing an exterior board)
  • waterproof board cut to replaced vacant space under oven and cupboards
  • gap in floor siliconed
  • new noggins in nook for stability
  • paint scraped

I had no intention of painting the walls but watching the block and reading magazines convinced me to ‘consider the outcome and finish’ and Michael is away so I thought ‘hey, I can smash this out while he is away!’ My fingers are blistered but I got a heap done today. imageWhat is left

  • fill holes, sand walls, paint walls
  • wiring for new lights
  • power point wiring (dishwasher, toaster, kettle etc)
  • insulation in nook
  • VJ board in nook
  • paint VJ board
  • sconce lights, switches & pendants installed (excited about these!)
  • cupboards in
  • sink install
  • tap & sink connected
  • benchtop on
  • silicone around sink and benchtop
  • plinth install
  • spacers (if required)
  • put up shelves
  • marble tops on cupboards beside oven
  • mirrors behind cupboards beside oven (maybe)
  • remove all kitchen paraphernalia from dining room and back into kitchen!

I am also considering two mirrored splash backs either side of the oven. I think they would do their job in making the space feel bigger by reflecting it upon itself. I will have a look next time I am in Bunnings (or Masters, or Mitre 10, or Home hardware… 😉 Bloody hell, that list seems loooooong! Today it feels like it will never be over… Tomorrow I will fill the holes and get sanding (wearing gloves this time I think!) ready to paint on Thursday. I haven’t bothered with the ceiling as we don’t have a great ladder to get the job done without injuring myself! Still loving the paint scrapers I bought-if you can get the corner in it peels off like butter…it is addictive! All the chaos hasn’t stopped my baking. This morning before I trashed the space I made a fig & burnt butter tart in preparation for a lovely visitor this afternoon. It was delish! Actually having a visitor coming forced me to get out of my pjs (which I wore all day while paint stripping) and make a place we could sit and chat. It was rather windy so the front verandah got some attention. I think I will be having breakfast out here in the morning-it is lovely!imageI am now sitting on my arse unfortunately without a glass of wine. I don’t think I’ll be too long out of bed to be honest. Hopefully my wrists work tomorrow!

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