Checking on the progress…

I do look around here occasionally and think ‘bloody hell, we have so much to do!’. It can be a little soul destroying and feel rather overwhelming so I decided to look back at what we started with and what we have now (in the side yard at least). Here is what we started with…


This fence I took out by myself-that is how old and shit it was, I could pull it out with my bare hands. I did all of this one waiting for the electricity guy to show up…he never did.


After some mowing by Michael and some weeding by Beau and I this is what it looked like this afternoon. Much nicer! The grass has a beautiful green tinge after all the rain we have had. Can you see the jacaranda in the background? It has thrived since the broad leaf pepper tree got cut down-it is glorious! The fate of the palms is currently in negotiation between Michael and I…eventually I think this area will become the tank section with the chooks being moved somewhere else around the block (yes I have been daydreaming about an amazing house for them!)

IMG_9169And see the plant to the right there? There is a magnolia little gem and a few agapanthus. I think I am going to make a garden with 3 magnolias in total and underplant them with the aggies. (Big thanks to my lovely friends Leesa & Brad and their cutey pants little boys for bringing the magnolia on their way through!)

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