Yes, no, maybe so…

Turns out using paint stripper was costly and a bit shite. So, I got my hands on one of these babies…


and lordy lordy it has been a cake walk since!

10836538_10152889481943996_1902483640_nThe jury is still out on what the hell I will do once it is stripped. I am not loving the colour left behind so I think my previous thought about leaving it bare are out. I do love white but then I worry it is boring, then I see things like this and change my mind again!


I have developed a bit of a black ceiling crush I have to admit….oh well, there is still a bloody lot to do before I will even buy paint so I shall continue to volley ideas around in my own head (and make myself a little crackers).

What are your thoughts on a black ceiling?

One thought on “Yes, no, maybe so…

  1. I think the black ceiling will work, with the white walls, especially if you’re keeping the black and white floor tiles 🙂 Loving the updates.

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