Out of work stripper…

It’s been a busy day at Green Valley. First up the RACQ came for a visit to replace our poor old 4WDs battery, the poor love doesn’t get driven much seeing as Michael has a work car and we only all fit in the Carnival. We did take it away to a Wedding recently and had to jump start it with a battery box EVERY time we wanted to drive…that got old quick.


We got a parting tip from the guy as well to always lock our cars. I thought he was going to give safety as the reason but in actual fact it can wear down the battery as the cars computer can just be on standby so by locking it you are giving it a ‘true rest’. Interesting!

Next up the septic guy arrived to pump out god knows how many years of sludge (and let’s be honest, shit) from the 6ft tank that resides outside the bathroom window. I asked bevy of questions and was answered politely-which was nice. I now know what an outlet baffle is and that ours is broken, replacement needed asap


It wasn’t as smelly a job as I was expecting so that was a nice surprise. In between visits I have been attempting to strip the bathroom of it’s rather ugly lemon paint. I started yesterday and was quite pleased at the progress however today the paint stripper is doing nothing other than making the paint look fluro…I have no idea why. Google has not been of assistance today so I will keep trying and see how I go.


I am considering not repainting the walls but leaving them ‘distressed’ and maybe just putting a light milk wash over them.

Something like this (this is wallpaper!)


The ceiling will be gapped, repainted fresh white and re-corniced. I figure if we get to the end of the stripping and sanding process we would be ready to paint anyway so it wouldn’t have been a waste of time. Any tips of some non working paint stripper…is it a weather issue or the fact that I washed the brush in water and perhaps it wasn’t dry enough for re-application…anything?

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