You’ve heard of a dutch door, right!?

As the weather heats up I think the Fox may have his wings clipped a little and remain in the house with me a bit more (so as to hopefully avoid snake incidents, bindis & sunburn). On the flip side, we have a chook (Pepper) that has decided she is a dog and delights in wandering in the back door to peck at the floor and have a nap on one of the boys beds…

There is a gate on the veranda that allows me to keep the front door open while keeping Fox in and Pepper out but the back door opens straight onto the stairs (apparently against building code these days..tsk tsk). The current door blocks off the stove which is not really an issue but if you are cooking you can’t see into the dining room-and it would be nice to be able to see what is going on at the hands of all my boys. It is also too far off the ground letting mice in to nibble at the weetbix and is hollow read: flimsy.

Here it is in all its peeling glory.


After staying at Basils brush earlier in the year, I have had my heart set on a dutch door. Pretty much the perfect solution for my keep Fox in and pepper out conundrum while allowing breeze in and allowing me to see across to the dining area when it is open.

Of course if it was to look remotely like this from Rafterhouse I would be happy as a pig in mud! Crushing on that exterior light as well just between me and you…

la-la-loving-dutch-doorsI have called quite a few demolition places around the place and only one has even known what a dutch door is so finding one has proved more of a challenge that I had first thought. I am on the hunt now for new ones that aren’t stupidly expensive as eventually it may very well be replaced with some beautiful 70’s style sliding doors opening out onto a deck…can you see it?

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