It’s been a while, hasn’t it.

Holidays have come and gone, term 4 is in full swing and the washing basket still reminds me of the magic pudding (it magically fills itself just when you think you have reached the end!).

A few of us have been struggling a little with the change brought upon us by the move. The holidays brought relief from the routine but also tears knowing they would have to go back… I am continuing the tuckshop convenor role with mixed feelings-I think this term may be my one appearance. The lack of volunteers is painful. Getting messages from people that are rostered on saying they can’t make it at the last minute (please note-some absences are valid-some however not) is tiresome-and usually sees me having a bit of a rage induced scream and whinge. yuk.

The house has been ticking along and we are getting things done. Those of you with old houses will understand the amount of things that NEED doing before you can even think about things you WANT to do. We have had an influx of vermin tenants (a few of which I have successfully killed). The possum using our roof as a trampoline has yet avoided capture and we have horses keeping the grass down in the front yard. Our neighbours a few doors down asked if they could put their horses in our yard for a while and while it seemed like an ok idea, I think their time with us will be short.

We had one of the tanks cleaned out yesterday and continue to monitor the gutters for new holes. Michael is still on a mission to rid the entire lawn of thistles, aided by his ever helpful sidekick Fox in between flying here there and everywhere for work.

See, ticking along.

I have been keeping to myself and wallowing a bit in my lack of friends made… Anyone else find it hard to forge friendships in new settings? It can be a a little overwhelming after helping everyone else with their new life realising you have neglected your own endeavours. Thank God for Facebook, email & Skype!

Also, the kitchen plan continues to evolve. Thanks again to pinterest for providing some image porn…


I have been drawing and re-drawing on my trusty graph paper while googling to find affordable cupboard and marble options…

What’s news in your neck of the woods?

One thought on “hola!

  1. Love the kitchen photo. We miss you here at CHSS!!! Don’t worry – won’t take long before all those newbies realise what a fantastic amazing person you are, and you will be overloaded with new friends!

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