A spot of holiday sewing

Holidays are in full swing here in Green valley. We have peppered the weeks with some outings but have no serious plans-other than sleeping in, staying in pyjamas and overdosing on TV. We had some lovely visitors on Monday then yesterday we stayed home and I got stuck into some sewing. I had asked for opinions on the good old ‘book of face’ whether to use spots or stripes as a contrast and stripes won hands down-a bit more ‘manly’ I think!


I had made up a muslin for the playsuit version aaaaages ago and it was super easy so the real thing took no time. I ‘shopped my stash’ for the fabric so I didn’t have to venture into town. Oliver & S patterns are rather lovely-it takes contestant restraint not to keep purchasing more!

It took me the day to finish it (in between making lunches, playing tennis, refereeing fights, hanging washing, preparing dinner, reading to the boys and cleaning the kitchen…). I sewed the buttons on while enjoying some peace after bedtime and catching up on Bletchley circle.

Fox wore it to the movies this morning and (in my opinion) looked super cute.

IMG_8232(I could totally be a fashion photographer with this snap…HA)


This is the first time I have used bias as a feature and the first time I did my own buttonholes. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, I would make it again. I have the sailboat pants pattern also so I may try my hand at that next, check this version out…been making anything lately?

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