Birthday party invite etiquette?

The date has been set, theme decided upon, invites being designed.

My middle two turn 8 over the holidays and the party planning is in full swing. They have decided on a backyard movie night with hotdogs, popcorn and a doughnut birthday cake. I am sure they haven’t given one teeny tiny thought about how it will look but of course I have…


The popcorn be served from something like this that my Brother happens to own (thanks Brother!)


We will have a tub of drink and nibbles under the trees for the parents that choose to stay and family.

Now, who to invite! The boys are at a small school so there is only one class for their grade. Do we invite the whole class or just a selected few….help me out, what would you do!?


One thought on “Birthday party invite etiquette?

  1. I think it would be best to invite the whole class. If it’s only a smallish group it’s probably safer. Either that or boys only? Depending on what the boys want?

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