Speaking of fences

I have said it a few times, ‘There is a lot of work to do around here before we can start any work‘. It is so true. More to the point there is a lot of tidying up to do before we are going to bother with the major work. 

This picture was taken the first day I came out to wait for the electricity to be connected (that is another story altogether!).

The fences had clearly seen better days so it was decided they had to go. The one towards the back of the house I pushed over. If a storm had blown through it would have been knocked over. I even pulled the posts out of the ground without much trouble. 


I have found an assortment of crap all around and underneath the house. Some of it has been kept for later use but most of it has been sent to the tip. If beer tops were fertiliser we would have no trouble growing anything!


The fence at the front of the house took a little more work to get rid of. My brother rather enjoyed using a sledgehammer to rid us of it. Note the helmets on the boys…it was just easier that way.





Today I finally got rid of the last of the green waste piles at the back and the space is looking much more well kept. 




Next job before my floral workshop is to give the chook shed a lick of paint and maybe even a window box with some petunias.

You know, something like this….ha ha ha



I am sure Michael will be thrilled at the suggestion 😉

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