Tuckshop debrief!

Well I survived my first day as Tuckshop convenor! The staff coffee and cake went over ok with 8 sold. There are only 15 staff on a Friday so I think that was a success…let’s hope they are return customers! Sticky date cupcakes were the first sweet treat offered and they were delicious (if I do say so myself!). Not sure what to cook next week…I shall consult my numerous cookbooks for some inspiration. 

I am keen to introduce a few mod cons such as emailing volunteers, new tea towels and a more efficient bag packing system 😉

The suggestion of emailing was met with gasps of ‘Oh don’t bother, I never check my email’. Brilliant. I also casually mentioned that I would be phasing out the ‘class coles cold bag’ thing they have going on-that was not received well either. I do find it odd when people assume you have no freakin clue what you are doing and speak to you accordingly. When I said ‘oh yes I have been to P&C and run the ideas by them-and had approval’ there was an interested look…they didn’t realise I had even been to P&C, wouldn’t it be assumed that of course I had as I had the job (and a key!) Weird. 

Having said that, the job got done today with only a few hiccups and I was out of there by 12.30. Ordering has been done and a shopping list written for next weeks items so I will just concentrate on sewing, label making and cupboard clearing in the coming days.  Fox was a star hanging out with me today, thank you iPad for your help with keeping him happy!

I have also organised a ‘Meet the new convenor’ morning tea for the last week of school (how the heck did it get to the end of term already!?) and the Principal will introducing me so that will be a good ice-breaker I hope. I will also be speaking at the Prep orientation day to try and drum up more volunteers to add to the roster. Rostering is a whole other issue with certain people not wanting to work with certain other people. oy vey!



I have taken on the ‘job’ until the end of the year so we will see how it goes. I may be charged to keep going or happy to hand over the apron! That reminds me, I need to get some aprons as well!

Tell me, are you/were you a tuckshop volunteer?


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