Please, fence me in!

On Monday I met another person that lives on our street.

She brought Fox in from the road where he was throwing rocks. Great.

I was in my dressing gown hair every which way and half asleep. The older boys were heading off to school and I looked like I don’t own clothes (or a hairbrush). Thankfully she was lovely and didn’t lecture me on child safety.

I had seen him go down the stairs not 3 minutes before while I was making school lunches. Obviously he is used to the block now and getting a little brave about where will roam. Awesome.

A house fence has been bumped up the ‘to do list’ and while throwing the weekends papers on the fire and flipping through the real estate booklet I found this beauty.



That is exactly what I want! While I don’t hate the hedge it isn’t an addition I would probably make. Just the fence.

Hopefully the next time I meet another Green Valley resident my kid is not on the road and I have underwear on.

Seriously, universe, cut me a break, eh!?

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