Putting down roots…

Well I finally dug a hole and whacked a plant in it. A lemon tree to be more precise.





We were gifted this lovely living thing and I thought it best to not let it die in the pot! I have popped it in near our mulberry tree (which is starting to shoot new leaves!). The plan is to make a bit of an ‘orchard’ up in the corner so we shall see what else presents itself as a good idea to grow-orange tree next perhaps?

I visited a lovely nursery just outside Roma over the weekend owned by a couple of friends and bought some gums, 4 pots of lavender and a curry plant. The lavender is destined for the fence line between the house and the shed-I do need to work out what kind of soil we have before I put them in though. I have no idea what to do with the curry plant but the gums, I think will go either side of the top of the driveway (hoping for a bit of dramatic entryway…)

Michael and I spent a bit of time this afternoon chatting about the grand plan (while drinking coffee and watching Fox run around naked). So far it has been decided that once the peppercorn tree is removed the vege garden will replace it. My inspiration for said garden is currently from Country style magazine



Now, who wants to come out and help chop down that massive monstrosity-I can promise beer and steak afterwards….you in?

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