The bathroom ‘reveal’ of sorts…

Well, I haven’t managed to paint it but I thought I would show you anyway. Remember what it looked like when we moved in?






We decided to address what absolutely needed sorting. The floor was atrocious and the sink and bath needed straightening. Cue super Cousin and Michael armed with hammers (and other assorted serious tools!) The floor covering was ripped up, the cupboard taken out and the nails removed-there were heaps!



I spent time digging out years and years of crap between the floorboards, I then had to clean said crap up from the laundry that is below the bathroom.



When you stood in the bath, you would slide towards the taps-an odd feeling really so David put some new timber in to make it less wonky. I also cleaned out a rather large rats nest tucked in under the bath. It was stinky!

IMG_6831The floor was then re-laid with a a temporary solution. My lovely little Nephew Charlie is an absolute gun with a hammer (and put me to SHAME-I am terrible!)



I had been to bunnings earlier in the week to get some lino so that went down next.





This is what we ended up with…



IMG_7672 IMG_7673To save space inside, towels are hung on a hat stand just outside the door and dressing gowns on a couple of hooks that were already there. This is the view from the kitchen.


The sink no longer retains water in the bottom right thanks to a new bracket and you remain in the same spot when you stand in the shower. The white waffle shower curtains from Freedom were on sale so I got 2 for $20-win!

An old bedside table that Michael restored years ago has been repurposed as a bathroom cabinet, we reused the mirror that had been hanging on the wall and I put up a shaving mirror for Michael.

It may not be the most glamorous powder room getting around and it is indeed small but I rather love it. It takes about 4 minutes to clean and I can ‘mop’ the floor with a chux. The view is brilliant and the breeze you get when you are in the shower is delightful. Eventually we will have another bathroom but for now it is perfect for us. I may even get around to painting it one of these days!

MASSIVE thanks must go out to my Cousin. We would still be sliding towards the taps, the rat would still be residing under the bath and the floor would be worse if he hadn’t given up a weekend to help us. Thanks David xo


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