Dear self doubt, kindly bugger off!

I am what you would call an optimistic person.

My favourite saying is ‘She’ll be right’. I really do believe that things have a way of working out and will be FINE. I am also trying to install that in the boys-be happy, be positive!

I am learning though as I get older that this belief is easier to hold onto when I am in my comfort zone. When I am in control of what is going on (and I am confident of the outcome) it is easier to be positive. 

In my other life I am a Floral & Event designer. I LOVE it. LOVE (if there were a stronger word for Love I would use it!). I am always up for a challenge, relish the opportunity to be creative and adore working with people on their celebrations.

Sometimes however, self doubt creeps in and I have to talk myself down. ‘Can I make that work, will I get it finished on time, will they love it’ you know, the usual shit talk you give yourself when you aren’t feeling on top of your game.

I am planning on holding a floral workshop at our little ranch in the near future and nutting out the details has seen some doubt creeping in. Will anybody come, will it be good enough, would people come again!? GAH! I had a meeting with my graphic designer this morning so that has made it feel real…and edging out of my comfort zone…jeepers!

I have also learnt about myself that I do like a good natter. When I am feeling particularly self doubt-y I have a few people I will call to thrash out the issues with. Those people are invaluable and so very dear to me. 

So, to my tried and tested ‘listeners’ I say THANK GOD FOR YOU, you are LOVED, VALUED & APPRECIATED perhaps more than you know. 

Maybe I should put this on the wall next to my bathroom mirror to remind myself. How do you cope when the little voices in your head get a little rowdy!?



On the home front, next doors Rooster has been taking liberties with ALL our chooks (we got 3 new additions over the weekend) I am a little concerned I will be running a nursery of the chick kind very soon!

(This print is from Honey and Fizz-she has lots of beautiful prints to choose from, you should have a look!)

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