We seem to generate a lot of rubbish around here. Seeing as we are a family of 6 I guess that is pretty normal but gees! We missed the first week of garbage collection here so spent a while playing catch up with a couple of loads to the dump before the housewarming (just to clarify it wasn’t 2 trailer loads of household waste, it was a few bags in with the building & garden waste). 

Divide and conquer is the way to go nowadays. The chooks get the food scraps, all paper and cardboard are kept to burn so the only things going in the bin are plastic (which we could do with reducing to be honest). I have also started a compost bin-also helping. 

I very nearly bought the bin on the left at Bunnings last weekend-I already own the kid on the right 😉

IMG_7551I don’t hate the idea of one of these getting around here, not necessarily for rubbish…maybe for nerf guns (actually that may very well solve the nerf gun storage problem as they are currently residing in packing boxes still).

In other news I got stuck into the overgrown mass of aloe vera next to the back stairs during the week.


The chooks are loving a new spot to scratch around, my legs on the other hand were not thanking me the next day. Yeowch!


The boys kindly helped load the trailer with all the crap that I pulled out.

IMG_7636The trailer is once again FULL and I need to work out how to get that stump out.

I am not sure what I am going to do with this little spot now. This could work…

connect-outdoor-seating-lI could just move all my pot plants over there and put up some more hanging baskets, I wouldn’t want to make the rest of the house jealous by making the back door garden so pretty! Well, must be off and finish the housework so when 6.30 rolls around I can sit on my arse and watch the block in a tidy living room (also so I can do jack in the morning!). Hope your weekend was lovely!

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