Send ‘er down, Hughie!

Michael had the day off today (which means he only did a little bit of work from home) so we could address the holes in our gutters-there is some serious rain predicted and we need to make sure that those glorious rain drops make it into our tanks!

As discussed earlier it really will be a large and costly job to make it all tickety boo so in the meantime we decided to buy ourselves some hardcore tape and have a crack at some DIY. 



As you can see I was relegated to ‘ladder holder’ ( I have decided we will be shouting ourselves/asking for a new ladder for Christmas this year, this one was Michaels Granddads and is rather old…)



Fox brought me the helmet because Michael kept throwing down old roofing nails and I value my noggin. My in-laws were out for the day so there was some supervising going on (and picture taking AND passing tape to Michael while on the ladder from the window or verandah).




Here’s hoping this little running repair will see us through until we can afford to do a roof and gutter overhaul (which will also see the questionable down pipe you can see here relocated!).

We also had some sheep come visit us today. I felt like a legit ‘country dweller’ when I helped herd them back to their own house…it was quite fun really-they are bloody fast though!

IMG_7587Next doors alpacas were quite concerned at the new arrivals presence. They all congregated for a meeting, chatting about what was going on right next to them. They looked like a group of CWA ladies discussing a suspect cake entry at the show. Hilarious! 

So, rain, we are ready for you-bring it on!


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