Yesterday kind of sucked

Yesterday was our Ekka day which of course means no school. Here is a run down of my day in dot points…

  • Cleaned up toddler poop from living room floor
  • Wiped up toddler wee from the bathroom floor
  • Got told I made the day suck (because I wouldn’t let the boys go to the neighbours)
  • Broke up stick fights
  • Banned the boys from starting fires (for which I was called lame)
  • Washed up for the BAJILLIONTH time
  • Did the washing
  • Did the folding
  • Helped tidy the boys room
  • Supervised tidying of the toy room (which was a DRAG!)
  • Drove eldest son into town for training (and got asked why it took SO long)
  • Spent the car trip home yelling STOP HITTING YOUR BROTHER
  • Hand stitched two scissor cuts in a school shirt (thanks kid!)

Lordy, lordy, lordy. It was a DAY!

Thankfully some relief came with dinner. They were all super happy with toasties (that they made themselves) Thank God and they went to bed quickly with no mucking around-small mercies!

Oh and Fox decided he can also shout SHUT UP MAMA! Parenting win right there…

I went to bed feeling rather crap. Then Michael snored the night through-I tried to imagine it was a cat purring then remembered I am not a cat fan and most certainly wouldn’t have one on my bed…ugh!

Then this morning I woke up to this…


IMG_7554These two had made hot chocolates and were chatting. Super cute (and thank god cause I may have lost my freakin mind if the day started wonky!).

Some days are diamonds I guess and others are well, shite. I guess the ups and downs make it worthwhile (crickey Mary it can be hard to remember that!). 


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