Vive le France!

I had a dream last night that I was celebrating my 40th Birthday with Family & Friends at a restaurant in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower. It was a pretty rad dream. This morning has seen me googling the be-jesus out of flights, places to stay, eat etc etc.

Paris has always been high on my list of places to live.

I speak not a scrap of French beyond Bonjour, Au Revoir & Croissant (Although now that I can’t eat them I may as well forget they exist!) but the romance of the city, the age of the architecture, the history, scenery and wine & cheese of course seem (to me at least) like heaven on earth! French films also help with my French love Midnight in ParisPopulaireAmelieMood Indigo and more make me excited to one day visit their beautiful country. Michael will tell you I watch such films ad nauseam.

After following Design Moms family move to La Cressonniere in the Normandy region, spending an extended period of time there has felt like an attainable goal. I also recently heard a lady talking on ABC 612 about her families one month long vacation to the land of Wine & Cheese. That seems even more doable! So now my plan has blown out from a Birthday dinner to a 6 week French jour férié. It is 8 years away after all so plenty of time to plan (and save!). We would all need passports to start with…Mon Dieu! The expense has already begun! Michael asked if I was sure I wouldn’t just prefer to pop into Milton where we can sit under the ‘Eiffel tower’…I reassured him that would just  not cut the mustard! 

I came across Rue Amandine who promise to  help ‘Get a taste of the real Paris like only a native of this city can offer’. I think we could become fast friends while planning my milestone birthday together! I also found this dinner option Formal dress is required…oh good god yes! I fear I may put more effort into planning this jaunt than saving for it…must do a budget ASAP!

I declared my intention on Facebook today and people have been chiming in with their ideal 40th destination-it has been nice reading other peoples dream celebration location. Where would you go?


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