It didn’t take me long…


So I survived my first day…and got myself a job. 


You are now in the presence of the school tuckshop convenor. I should have known that expressing any level of interest will end in the job being given to you! It is one day a week and I have been told I will pretty much have free reign (they also assured me it is ‘hardly any work’ which is the usual thing said to volunteers…)

I am now putting together ideas to present to the P&C in a weeks time. I am thinking theme days, hot chocolates before school, chalkboards and floral aprons-you know, the important stuff!

Here’s hoping it will help me make some friends and get me out of my yard clothes more often 😉 M might have to hit up Chantelle over at The grounded kitchen and Kate of Lunchlady fame for some help.

 What about you, any tips for me? What was your favourite thing about tuckshop day?


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