The inspiration for Green Valley

Once upon a time I had this as my computer backdrop…


It is the Airstream at Atlantic Byron Bay and I had come across it in Australian Country Style.

One year for my Birthday, bless his cotton socks, Michael booked us in unbeknownst to me. It was a lovely weekend and also the first time we headed into nearby Bangalow. It was love at first sight. While Byron’s beach is beautiful, Bangalow is something else. The scenery, the vibe, the shopping. Even thought he majority of shops are WAAAAY out of our price range it is lovely meandering down the main street and stopping for coffee/food/wine etc etc…

Mostly I head over the border without children, and a lot of times without Michael. A group of us girls go each year and just relax, it is heavenly!

So, why all this jibber jabber about Bangalow? Well, this year we spent the last week of Summer at a holiday house down there (nearby Possum Creek to be exact) and that house turned out to be our inspiration for buying our Green Valley Renovator.

Basils Brush is set on top of a hill on an old dairy farm and is just delightful. It used to be a thai restaurant in a nearby town and was relocated to this spot about 10 years ago. We stayed with another family and just ate, drank, swam and relaxed. I HIGHLY recommend it (and as it sleeps 10, going with another family is a good idea-and splits the cost). There is also a fantastic cafe at the bottom of the hill that sells sourdough and great coffee.

img_70579_edbb7782769d7d1e1a3e9c5e1ca40664_max800x600The room we stayed in has 2 sets of french doors that we didn’t close once and the boys loved sleeping in the custom made bunks (and getting to them through the secret tunnel). Waking up to the sound of cows mooing and seeing kangaroos hoping across the hill from bed was magic. There is also a house yard fenced off so we always knew the kids were close by. The sky is clear, the air crisp, the pizza oven easy to use, the bookcase almost overflowing with novels, kids books and games. So so good!

Even though we had already been looking at bigger blocks and older houses, the week we spent at Basils consolidated our resolve to keep searching.

Not long after our return we found our little gem. It felt like it was the universe telling us we were on the right track*, it also gave us a good glimpse at what was possible when you give an old house some love.

I have been dreaming of Bangalow lately which is a sign I should return soon. Must check the calendar for when I can make my escape!

*The doorknocker is a Fox and as it turns out the owners sons name is Fox as well…uncanny I say!

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