Working on the colour of my thumbs.

While the placement of our soon to be vegie patch gets more thought, I figured I could get stuck in with some herbs. I picked up a couple from down the road at a cute florist/nursery/coffee shop and some others at Bunnings. We have some drawers left from the previous occupant and since they were doing nothing I pinched them (and Michaels drill 😉



So for now we have a lemon tree (a lovely housewarming gift!), coriander, mint, parsley, garlic chives, rosemary, 2 mini roses, a climbing rose, a couple of gums and a hydrangea (all gifts from the same lovely lady!). I am hoping the flamingos and peacock (another gorg gift!) will have a bit of a scarecrow effect and keep them safe.

IMG_7455I am absolutely not a green thumb so I am hoping by keeping these close to the back door they will fare better than previous attempts. I do need to get the lemon and gums out of pots and into the ground but I am having ‘planting anxiety’! Gardening Australia is getting a weekly watch to give me some tips. I am also giving much thought to how we can utilise our grey water to keep these suckers alive-I am growing tired of bucketing it after standing under the drainage pipe…

Meanwhile Pinterest continues to fuel the ‘beautiful’ fire…here is my vegie patch inspiration-


I also took out the marginata that was growing outside the dining room window (that was SUPER fun with a chainsaw on a pole!). So this is the view outside the back door right now. Luxe I know! Eventually the plan is to have a deck replace the stairs so you won’t even see the ground here.



In the meantime,I have had the pic of this lovely little courtyard in my file for yonkers…do-able?

ff33575d7b3c232a1356ca161d120168Some hard yakka pulling out the aloe vera and yukkas but then just some pavers and maybe a cherry blossom in a pot? Wanna come help?

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