Well, the hub of our little house has scrubbed up alright. As usual, when you move, it takes a while to get used to the space, I feel like we have a bit of a rhythm happening now and it is nice. I am happy with it for now*-it will (god willing) eventually be replaced/updated. I have grand plans for a butlers pantry-that however is a bloody long way off! So here are some before and afters.













I spend a fairly large chunk of time standing at that bench (thanks IKEA). It is so nice to be able to see the back yard and horses in the paddock behind. The light is gorgeous in the morning and it is lovely making a cup of tea and taking a moment before the rest of the house wakes up. Do you like the wonky curtain (tension) rod and dirty plastic/ceiling? I try my best…


My butlers pantry fascination has only been spurred on by this amazing space over at Oh Happy Day. Dreamy, right!? For that to happen we would have to reclaim some of the current living room so, yeah, a while off…a girl can dream!


Something that will happen soon is the replacement of the back door. I have found a few options at a demo yard in town and we are heading in next week to check them out. Hoping for something like this so I can keep the Fox in and still get the view or be able to see through it when open (the current door closes of the oven which is a bit annoying).



So, the kitchen/dining room feels ‘finished’ for now. It is a cosy space to be in so that is something.

*We have been offered a sink/bench combo that would incorporate the dishwasher that we are going to take (if only to get the dishwasher out of the dining room!)


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