holey gutters batman!

We had a storm through a couple of days ago and I spent most of the time out in it looking at our drains/sieves. Seriously, how frustrating that the majority of water puddles around the perimeter of the house instead of heading to the tank! (We have had a few quotes on replacing the roof & gutters as well as restoring the roof and getting new gutters. The jury is out for now and in the meantime we will plug the holes).

I only had one empty bin getting around so I shoved it under the biggest hole (which is less than a metre from the downpipe directly into the tank!) and wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it once it was full, I just couldn’t bear to hear it splashing on the ground. Today I schlepped the water up the ladder (in a smaller container) into one of the tanks and cleaned out the screen thingy.


Foxy, of course was there to help and was bummed when I took the ladder down. He then turned his attention to the outlet for all our grey water. He loves sticking his teeny watering can under the pipes and watering the pot plants. All of the water from the washing machine, bath & shower, bathroom sink and kitchen sink comes out here then goes through a pipe to the trees out the front. As a result the Broad-leaved pepper tree (a class 3 pest plant) in the front yard is thriving! That baby is coming down before the winter is out. Michael wants to replace it with a Moreton bay fig…anyone got any tips on them? I read that they aggressively seek out water-could be an issue for the septic?


Speaking of the septic, I MUST call someone tomorrow to come and check ours out. Tis a little whiffy when the wind is blowing. Goodness knows the last time it was attended to!


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