Hens party!

The Ladies have arrived!

I had been thinking about getting chooks for quite a while and had my heart set on some Easter Eggers. I saw some on Catriona Rowntrees site YEARS ago and have they have been in the back of my mind ever since. They lay the prettiest eggs, see!


We inherited a dodgy little structure to the side of the house and I can’t quite work out if it started as a chook pen or a cubby! It is now the address for our newest residents. A friend of ours was looking to move them on (as they were getting a bit clucky in the mornings and they live in the city). We were happy to re-house them! I have swapped them for a couple of sewing lessons-love bartering!

Meet Pepper, Dora & Rosa. They came with the names and I think we shall keep them (they don’t seem to answer to any names at all 😉


I tidied up their house after the previous tenants obviously just walked out, so it went from this…


to this…


Obviously these pictures are from different sides. I had to redo the back wall and put in some nesting boxes. The cupboard, draws, ladder and fibre were left in the shed so it has cost us nothing-win! The chandeliers are from the first Wedding I styled.

So far we have had 4 eggs laid right here in Green Valley. So exciting! I also loved keeping all the kitchen scraps over the last few days instead of putting them in the bin. So much better! I sent the pictures to a dear friend of mine and she said it looks more like a Hens party than a chook shed-a compliment I am happy to take!


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