It takes a village…

Tomorrow marks the start of the boys second week of their new school. The first week went mostly smoothly with only a couple of hiccups. The first was that I went along to kit them out on the first day fully expecting to be able to pay with credit card. This assumption was wrong. The teeny uniform shop only take cash (a fact that would have been handy to know when I had made the appointment). There aren’t any ATMs close by and I had no plans on going to town for the week. So, I became the parent that owes the school-already. Yey.

The second was one of the boys got in trouble for biffing another kid. One of their new classmates took his hat and called him a dork. That kid got hit by mine. So, second day of school and one of them already had detention. Great!

There were, of course, tears. We discussed the fact that while being called a dork was indeed not very nice, perhaps a better response would be to walk away and tell the teacher. Now, really at 7 walking away is not going to come easy (mate, I am not sure that I could do it successfully)! I knew who to call to discuss such issues. My Brother. I vividly remember him getting into trouble for similar things when we were little. Sorry dude, it’s true.

While my Brother and my Son chatted about various stategies for dealing with being called a dork, I thought about the fact that it does take a village.

I cannot possibly have the answer to everything. If I want advice on my car, I talk to a mechanic. If I need help with gardening, I seek assistance from those in the know. Why do we take it all on ourselves to be the knower of all? It is tiring (and google can only help for so long 😉

Also, having a brains trust is nicer than going it alone. Discussing ideas with other people is enjoyable ( and good for the soul I think).

So, with that in mind this week I am off to a CWA luncheon. I am really looking forward to it, and I need some advice on pruning my roses so I’ll be sure to ask around 😉


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