Tea for (more than) two!

We seem to have the most visitors on Sunday afternoons, it is delightful! If I have a cake in the oven around 1.30 someone will rock up to eat it with us out at the pink table under the trees. Yesterday was no exception. We had my cousin and his family, friends and my Brother and his wife (and my niece) all overlapping with their visits. I baked a mandarin and polenta cake with mandarin syrup from the latest Donna Hay magazine-scrumptious!


The bathroom has a brand spanking new floor thanks to my super talented cousin! Michael and I played apprentice and hopefully were more help than hinderance. There are a few more things I want to finish before I show you any pics-namely painting and mopping the new floor! I will see if I am brave enough to hit buntings up with all the kids in tow…

In the meantime I am thinking of a better way to store our rather large tea selection. We seem to be forever putting the kettle on and at the moment it is a game of tetris to get to what we need! In my internet stalking, I came across this lovely picture:


Pretty right!? SF girl by Bay certainly has the right idea here! This little IKEA trolley has held my attention for a while and I am thinking this could be the perfect use for it!

ImageI also found this coffee machine from Delonghi that is suitable for both capsules and ground coffee (which would keep both Michael and I happy!)


Another trip to IKEA is on the cards this coming weekend (sans children!) so I might just have another look at the trolley and see if it would indeed fit the bill. Does anyone else have such a large tea selection!?

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