Her name was Lola

Every time I step into our bath that song comes to mind. The pink makes me think about flamingoes which makes me think about Vegas, which of course leads me to that song (that my friends is a small insight into the long winded workings of my mind…). 

When we (finally) got the power on out here, the water came on as well. That was fab except we found out the hot tap on the sink leaked* letting water run down the exposed copper piping seeping onto the (poorly laid with the wrong material) floor. So when I pulled up the lino this is what was hiding…

ImageImageClearly it has been leaking for quite a while…isn’t it purdy!? 



I am a BIG fan of the current bath and sink in all their pink glory. Seriously. While I appreciate it isn’t everyones cup of tea it is my bathroom so, you know, my choice (and Michael doesn’t care as long as it functions-that would be one of the reasons I love that Man!).

The day before we moved in I put up some brand spanking waffle white shower curtains, laid a fluffy bath mat & popped in some lovely hand wash and flowers. The view makes up for a lot of the dodgyness around here ‘Accentuate the positive’ and all that!


After the craziness of the move ended I started giving more thought to what we could do…lordy lordy did I mull over this little space. The main issues that NEED addressing are the rotting floor boards and the lean on the sink. The rest would be icing on the cake. After googling the bejesus out of bath resprayers then emails and calls I have only found one company that will respray in pink. I actually got a few rude responses which I found odd-why the pink hate dudes?

A bloody fantastic suggestion from Carolyn over at West End Cottage was to chat to some panel beaters about repair and paint (as they are both metal). I got on to a couple and they are both keen-win! I put ideas together and chatted to my SUPERSTAR cousin (who has-perhaps foolishly-put his hand up to give us a hand with the work).

After a few beers out at the pink table and much discussion we have decided to put a full scale reno on the back burner and concentrate on those two main issues-floor & sink. This will give us time to decide on how we want the rest of the house to be configured. So, this coming Saturday the rotting floor will be banished to the (rapidly growing) rubbish pile and an interim fibro floor will be laid along with new brackets for the leaning sink! And here is what I will be laying over the lovely fibro-thankyou bunnings!



If I get energetic I may even paint the walls-we’ll see how the holidays treat us all! Oh and I have ordered towel hooks from the delightful Potato Studio-I won’t be changing my mind on these little suckers…



Still on the hunt for a couple more for Michael and I (and another one just in case we add to this brood someday!)

* We got onto a fantastic local plumber who came and fixed the leak so the floor is slowly drying out-thanks Andy!




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