Here we go!

Well we have joined the hoards of crazy people and bought a ‘renovators dream’. After renting for the past few years it was time to spread our wings and nail holes where we damn well please!

After MUCH looking, a couple of non starters and a few heated ‘discussions’ we secured our own Home Sweet Home.

Our little lady is nestled in a beautiful green valley about 50 minutes out of the city. The paddock behind us overlooked by glorious mountains and is home to a stud of beautiful race horses. On one side we have alpacas and on the other flocks of rainbow lorrikeets.

The possibilities here are endless and we have already spent a decent chunk of time thinking about, discussing and drawing designs. I have been pinning up a storm and Michael has been obsessing over the layout of the shed (it is a serious man cave!).

So I thought like all the cool kids, we could keep a digital diary of the goings on around here. This is now the place to see what we are up to in our neck of the woods and which colours and designs we decide on while settling into our new community (the boys have already signed up for poddy calf riding at a nearby country show!). The first ‘reno’ job on the list is the bathroom-namely the floor…

If you are lucky I might even bake a cake for you and we can have tea at the pink table under the trees!


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